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Baby Naming Ceremony


I will work with you to create a “Naming Ceremony”that suits your family’s needs. If you would like to formally celebrate your child coming into this world a Naming Ceremony is a memorable celebration to share with friends and family.


Renewal of Vows


Renewing your Vows is a ceremony to re-affirm your vows to each other in a formal way.  Perhaps you would like to celebrate your anniversary or to declare your love and commitment to one another for your future.


Memorial Service


A Memorial Service takes place after a funeral of a loved one.  It is an opportunity to mourn and say goodbye with the support of family and friends. Think of it as a time to treasure memories and celebrate their life.

Commitment Ceremony


A commitment ceremony is not legally binding like a marriage, however it is a way of publicly affirming your love and commitment to each other as a couple.  You may like to celebrate your commitment to each other will all the formality of a marriage ceremony.

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