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Farewell Ceremonies


When a loved one passes away we give them a tribute and farewell that is inspiring and in harmony with their wishes.  As your Celebrant we will work together to  create a memorable ceremony.  I will provide advice and ideas and support you every step of the way.  A service generally includes some or all of the details below.


  • Music at the beginning of the service

  • A welcome and introduction

  • Readings and/or poetry

  • Prayers and/or Hymns

  • Eulogy/Biography

  • Tribute/s by family members or friends

  • Reflection time with music

  • Committal

  • Music at the conclusion of the service


To be able to assist and be a part of the process that families go through during their time of grief is a tremendous honour.  To meet with families, to share details about their loved one's life and create a memorable funeral ceremony is a privilege.




Your  Journey  Matters  To   Me

After the clouds,

the sunshine,
after the winter,

the spring,
after the shower,

the rainbow,
for life is a

changeable thing.
After the night,

the morning,
bidding all

darkness cease,
after life's cares

and sorrows,
the comfort

and sweetness of



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